Defense A : Each opponent has one hand on shoulder

  1. Step right to 2:30, right wing chop to opponents throat cross step right to 9:00 follow up with a right extended outward block for clearing and a right chop to neck.

Defense B: Each opponent as two hands on you

  1. Step right 2:30, right hammer fist to groin cross step right to 9:00, left hammer fist to groin.

Defense C : Each opponent has one hand on your arm

  1. Counter grabs each opponent. Wrist, right back kick to opponent’s ribs, then left back kick then back to the other opponent’s ribs.

Defense D: Each opponent has two hands on your arm

  1. Pull both opponents into you to get them off balance and most of their weight onto one foot.
  2. Then proceed with a side thrust kick to the most available target on each side.

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