Defense :

  1. Left foot steps toward 10:30 as you do a cross hand block with right on top to block the club arm.
  2. Right hand grabs attackers wrist, continuing with the same motion strike down through the attacker’s right leg, left hand will grab the wrist at the bottom of the swing as your right foot steps to 10:30 behind attacker’s right leg.
  3. Continue the swing high above your right shoulder as your right foot sweeps back CW to 3:00 to catch the attacker’s right leg from behind.
  4. Both hands pull down towards 9:00 pulling your attacker onto their back.
  5. Your left hand will control the attacker’s right hand and place it outside your right hip, right hand releases its grip as you drop your body weight and strike the right side of the attackers head with a side fist.

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