Defense :

  1. Left foot cross steps in front of your right foot to 1:30 as you use a left backhand parry with your right hand positioned by your right hip with palm open.
  2. Right foot steps to 12:00 to the outside of your attackers left leg; left hand grabs the attacker’s wrist.
  3. Pivot to face 9:00 as you throw a right claw to face in a right to left motion.
  4. Right arm continues to a CW motion to break the attackers left elbow with your right forearm Left hand pulls attackers arm towards 6:00.
  5. Right elbow strike to 12:00, then pivot to face 6:00 right palm strike to attackers left elbow, grabbing and driving them forward to 6:00 right heel kick to the attackers left rib cage.

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